Friday, February 24, 2006

The Colonel a marketing genius?

I'm back. I was traveling through Cyberspace on my way back to the blogsphere when I took a wrong turn at SEO marketing. It was a bit scary, but I finally found by way back.

I've been hearing about KFC's newest ad idea--inserting a hidden code in its TV commercials that can only be seen in slow-motion. They are going after the TiVo and VCR market, giving people an actual, valuable (a free sandwich, I think) reason to watch their commercial. So are they being silly and gimmicky? Of course! Is it working? So far. I've it on several blogs, several traditional news outlets, including TV and radio. I think the concept brilliant!

Rather than fighting the TiVo affect, KFC is using it to their advantage. Further they've found a way to get coupons on TV! Brilliant. Especially if this is a sampling campaign. That is, their end goal is to get people to try this sandwich. They'll get people actually slowing down the commercial to get the code and they'll probably get a whole lot of college students and some advertising blogs posting the code on various blogs. So what! End result: A lot of people trying their sandwich, which means a larger portion buying it when the promotion ends.

Now, I just need a TiVo!