Thursday, July 14, 2005

Networking Nugget

Last night, I went to a networking event where the topic was actually better networking. The event was cross-sponsored by a number of area communications & advertising associations.

I pulled two good nuggets I thought I'd share:

Act/look like the host at any networking event. It's good advice. Hosts generally interact with everyone, introduce people, catch-up with those they know, get to know those they don't. These are also the basic goals of good networking.

Typical of association events, this one had the business card fish bowl with your chance to win something -- I forget what. After the first speaker they gave everyone one last chance to deposit their card and then announced that in addition the prize, five lucky winners would have a few minutes to tell the group who they were and what they did. Not necessarily a good idea at every event, but a bonus at a networking event where the goal is find and meet new people.