Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hope And Optimism

I love this time of year. I don't know about your area, but by me the graduating high school seniors paint their cars with the school colors and all sorts of end-of-era slogans. "We Made It" "Good Luck at Cornell" etc and so on.

It just gives me such a rush to remember that feeling of optimism. Of hope for what was to come. For me, it was a university some 450 miles away. On my own for the first time. For some of my friends, it was a new job and beginning a career on the ground floor. For others, they didn't know yet and were going to take the summer and beyond to figure it out. But we all shared a basic understanding that the world was open to us; ripe with opportunity. The summer between high school and college was one of my best. The pressures of high school gone forever, the pressures of college and beyond not yet realized. I had a blast.

So, how does this relate to communications and marketing? It doesn't. I know by now you may be used to me relating the odd recollection or insight back to marketing. And, probably if I really tried I could create some connection. But truth be told, it just makes me fell good. Recharges me a bit. And reminds me to have some fun.