Friday, June 17, 2005

All Marketers are liars?

I finally heard Seth Godin speak. I attended his book promotion in NYC last Wedneday. It was great; thanks for an engaging talk. I love leaving a room pumped up--it's rare today, unfortunately.

One of my key take-aways is that as marketers we are creating a 'want' among consumers, not a need. Agreed. Seth had a few good examples and if you read his stuff or have heard him talk, you can probably think of a few yourself.

And now apparently, even the Wall Street Journal gets it (no link since it's a paid sub). Today's paper had an excellent illustration, in my opinion, of Seth's concept embodied in their article on on Chrysler's Hemi Motor. The article headlines with "Chrylser's Storied Hemi Motor Helps It Escape Detroit's Gloom" to make "...Cars Seem Different."

This is a great illustration of another of Seth's points: Creating remarkable (i.e., worth remarking on) products. The WSJ story opens with a young guy who just bought a Hemi powered Magnum and said of the experience, "The power and mystique of the Hemi made me more willing to go up [in price]."

THE POWER AND MYSTIQUE. Yeah, that's remarkable. I mean, the Hemi is a fast motor, but there are few more out there. None today, however, with the Power and Mystique of the Hemi. You know this guy is going to tell everyone he can that he's got a Hemi under the hood. He spent $5000 extra (according to the article) for bragging rights!

I love it when I can relate a nugget immediately, don't you?