Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nuggets of Knowledge

I like nuggets of information. Small bite-sized bits of knowledge that can be used now or stored way for use later. I read a new blog earlier where the author hoped to be able to deliver nuggets to us, his readers. I immediately decided to read his blog regularly, mostly because I like the way he thinks--so far.

While at a conference a while back I sat in on a presentation about marketing and creativity. On the way out, a colleague asked me what I thought of the speech. I said I liked it and thought it was well worth my time. She was appalled: "But, but, but...the guy was flake. Half of what he said was nonsense." True enough; she was right. But, as I told her, within the other half, the half that wasn't nonsense, I found some really good nuggets of knowledge. Some stuff I applied-with modification-to my life and work immediately and still use today.

I believe nuggets of knowledge are crucial for today's fast-paced, information-overloaded, technology-driven, blog-enabled world. The irony is they are harder to find, more difficult to recognize and more important than ever.