Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nude & semi-nude personalities are now brands?

Listening to the radio this morning and Carmen Elektra was on plugging something, I'm not really sure what and frankly don't care much. But, the interview grabbed my interest and wouldn't let go when {no, not that ...} the morning show Dj asked her what she considered herself: a model, an actress, a personality, etc. Her answer was "I think of myself as a Brand."

hummmm. Well, first I think she may have stolen that bit of oddness from Paris, who said something similar around 6-9 months ago. But the really weird thing is that she may be right! I did a quick google search on her before starting this post, just to see what was out there and toward the top, maybe number 3, was a link for a Carmen Elektra pool cue -- real hard wood, mind you {honestly it said that in the ad...}. Now keep in mind I'm in an professional office environment, so I couldn't link on the majority of offerings google served up, but it got me to thinking...was the pool cue company selling a cue stick or Carmen Elektra? We know that Coke doesn't sell soda. It sells Coke.

maybe she is a brand after all.

What do you think?