Thursday, June 24, 2004

to blog

Okay, so a colleague of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of blogs the other day. I've always thought myself fairly tech and online savvy so imagine my surprise to learn that blogs had largely escaped my notice. I 've heard of them and read one or two, but just now have I been really researching them.

The most distressing part for me was setting up this blog. My first choice for the name was taken -- yes Cryingbaby was my second choice -- after I completed the setup, I went out to the web to see what my first choice was all about. It was one-entry attempt to create a family dialogue that dated back to '02. The upsetting part was not that it was unused, or even that it was silly (only kidding, this is probably more silly), but that it dated back nearly 2 years. I'm so behind the curve!!

I decided that to know blogs is to blog, so cryingbaby is my first venture in. Forgive me for my mistakes, missteps and the like, but you have crawl before you can walk and before you can run.

Tune in for random thoughts, ideas and musing. Hopefully, you'll get past the noise to meaning and will find some joy, value and fun.